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10 Steps to Build a Virtuous Lead Machine and Receive Leads Forever

  • One Dashboard manages everything.
  • Service Providers - Be Wise offers FREE and fee based Lead Service that provide you the name, address, phone number and details of people that need your service now. You specify what type of leads you want - and when you want them! No commitments required.



  1. Join and tell us where to email/call/text your leads.
  2. Verify your information. We want to promote you correctly - and to the right prospects!
  3. Create free ads (we provide the tools) and be seen all over - even on your competitor’s pages!
  4. Create and Promote a dedicated page featuring YOUR company.
  5. Be Wise optimizes your content Search Engine friendly and therefore most likely to be seen on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.
  6. Be Wise Local Search Services localized your business to the people who need it.
  7. Utilize our tools to increase your customer interaction, prospects and manage your reputation.
  8. Be Wise attracts prospects to sign up and follow you. (We manage all the opt ins)
  9. Be Wise automatically notifies your followers of the coupons and deals you promote.
  10. You can manage outbound emails, lists and filters (Yes, this is also free)
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