One Site Integration

Your business website becomes a virtuous self marketing machine. Here’s how:

  • Be Wise, you, and the search engines all work together to direct traffic to your site.
  • Users see your content and sign up to get your emails, coupons, deals or just follow you. (Be Wise handles all the opt in and automatically manage your lists.)
  • As you post content Be Wise:

Notifies everyone that follows you.

Promotes it to the search engines.

Posts it to your social sites.

Encourages people to forward to their friends and sign up who grow your lists even larger.


You can create email blasts and newsletters to go out to these lead lists which can then be forwarded and shared by your followers causing even more signups!

Use Be Wise One Site Integration to constantly improve your marketing by being able to see and analyze your email and newsletter effectiveness. Your lists keeps growing you content exposed to more and more people. All managed from your easy to use Be Wise dashboard. 

Market Yourself or Let Be Wise Help

One Site Integration