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You likely have a company page on Be Wise, ALREADY! If Prospects and Customers haven’t already been viewing and posting to your company page they likely will soon. When you become a member (free) you can manage your content and will be notified of their posts, comments and communications.

What message do you want to deliver to your prospects & customers? Effective messages should be easy to promote. If you find you’re spending too much money on advertising, and it’s ineffective, it’s probably because your message is not simple enough or you’re hitting too many prospects that are not right for you.

What format do you deliver your message? Be Wise provides you a Professional Member Page that allows you to promote your content - including polls, coupons, deals, articles, videos, forums, testimonials and more. You also have the ability to deliver email blasts and much more - we even offer free templates for you to use.

When and how do you communicate? Be Wise can deliver content now or schedule them as you wish. We have a wide variety of formats to choose from and you can even create your own.

Be seen as responsive to your customer needs. The responses you post to customer inquires reflect on your business. Prompt, professional, courteous posts are always the best. Get ahead of bad reviews before they happen!

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