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You manage a dedicated member page where we (and you) can send visitors. We optimize this page and improve your visibility. Your page becomes a sales funnel for you and encourages users to interact, follow and join your mailing list.

Your dedicated home page features the content you want to be seen. You can post articles, blogs, coupons, forums, services you sell, and much more. The more content you create, the more we can promote you and the more likely you’ll have users buy from you, follow you, or join your mailing list.

Your dedicated member page offers user reviews, ratings and testimonials. Frankly, this can be a double edged sword. Good reviews improve the chances prospects will like you. Bad reviews can hurt. You’ll be notified of every review, rating and testimonial. However, unlike many sites, at Be Wise bad reviews can be managed. Users will increase their respect of your company by how well you handle bad reviews. Plus, Be Wise works hard to identify which reviews are legit and which are made up by your competitors. 

Forums are a powerful way to promote your expertise, and allow you to interact, learn, educate and grow a vibrant community. Users regularly ask questions, and forums increase your exposure while improving your image to everyone.

Be Wise offers many forms of free and fee based lead generation. You can be notified by email, text, or phone of these leads so that you can quickly follow up and close business!



Be Wise helps you Create Leads, Generate Sales and Increases your Interaction with Users.

e- Mail Lists - We help you to create, grow and manage your mailing lists. Email is one of the most cost effective ways to grow sales. Be Wise manages the opt ins, lets you manage multiple lists and filters them the way you want. We also work hard to make sure they are delivered and opened. Then, we provide you statistics and feedback to see what’s working.

Be Wise promotes you all over the place - Google, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are just some of the larger names you may recognize. But, there are 100s of more places to be found. The more you’re promoted, the more likely someone will either buy from you, follow you or join your mailing list. We automatically provide highly optimized SEO content for all Search Engines.

Be Wise offers a Lead service that provides you the Name, address, phone number and details of people that need your service now. You specify what type of leads you want - and when you want them!

Advertising on Be Wise allows you to target the local customers who want your service. Your FREE ads may also appear on your competitor’s pages - if they do not have a paid membership plan.

Coupons and Deals directly increase sales. Use them to promote business, clear out inventory, drive traffic or whatever supports your goals. Also, when you post coupons and deals, everyone that follows you will be automatically notified! As you build your lists - you build your power!

There are so many ways Be Wise can increase your sales. And, the more content you create, the faster it will happen.

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