Be Wise - Be Local. Be Vocal.

The Mission of the Be Wise Team


For Individual Members

Be Wise aims to

  • Provide a venue in which Members may easily find, analyze, hire, review and rate both local and non-local vendors.
  • Continually adapt and grow to provide the services and products our members want.
  • Find, offer or facilitate the creation of coupons and deals to give members the best combination of value and service.
  • Track service vendors and services provided so members can easily find the right provider at the right time.
  • Notify members of new coupons by favored vendors.
  • And bring customers and vendors together to cultivate lasting business relationships.

For Business Members

At Be Wise we strive to provide vendors

  • A location to advertise.
  • Gain exposure.
  • Build a great reputation.
  • Gain leads.
  • Increase mailing lists.
  • Get customer feedback.
  • Poll customers to learn how your business is doing.
  • Distribute Newsletters.
  • Promote videos.
  • Engage in conversation with customers and potential customers.
  • And build a lasting reputation and relationship with recurring customers.

For Non-Profit Members

It is also the mission of Be Wise to provide Non-Profit businesses and organizations with

  • A viable mean to market their cause or business.
  • Take donations.
  • And communicate with donors and prospective donors.


Be Wise will do this without prejudice or discrimination and provide world-class customer service for all Members- Individual, Business, or Non-Profit. It is our goal to grow our community so that we may provide a wide selection of services for Customers and leads for Businesses, which can be accessed and contacted quickly and easily.

There is so much more Be Wise offers you that it would be wise to join now.

Membership is free!